Search and Rescue

When every second counts, count on Era.

24/7 Emergency Call Center: 1-800-655-1414

Era's Search and Rescue (SAR) program provides air transport critical response capabilities to aid those in distress or immediate danger in connection with an injury, illness or other catastrophes.

Able to execute deep-water maritime SAR and emergency medical services (EMS), Era’s helicopters are equipped to exceed the latest safety standards with options such as enhanced ground proximity warning systems (EGPWS), 100% satellite tracking, forward-looking infrared systems (FLIR), night vision imaging systems (NVIS), dual hoist and fully integrated auto hover and search pattern autopilot modes.

Era partners with Priority 1 Air Rescue whose multi-disciplined hoist operators, rescue swimmers and advanced life support paramedics supplement Era's state-of-the-art helicopters dedicated to the SAR program. Operated by experienced pilots with industry-leading experience, Era delivers unparalleled capability and reliability.

SAR Safety Briefing Video

SAR Safety Briefing Video

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