Colombia Helicopters

Sicher Helicopters provides reliable flight services to the oil and gas and energy industries in Colombia and surrounding regions and is the only FAA-certified non-regular air transport provider in Colombia. This unique certification allows Sicher to support operations in Colombia and other locations throughout South America that permit FAA-certified operations.

Sicher is an Era Group company, one of the largest helicopter operators in the world and the longest serving operator in the United States. In addition to servicing onshore and offshore exploration, drilling and production activities, Sicher also provides assistance for various seismic operations as well as air freight services and charter flights for its customers.

Sicher's pilots, technicians and support personnel are dedicated and well-trained professionals and operate with the highest regard for safety. Sicher maintains a Safety Management System, approved by the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority, focused on training, evaluating, reporting and monitoring all safety related issues. Sicher is also certified by the Colombian Safety Council for R.U.A, OHSAS18.001 and R.U.C and by the Bureau Veritas for ISO 9001 and 14.001. Sicher operates under OGP Guidelines 590 and 420 with a strong emphasis on continuous improvement which helps Sicher adhere to some of the highest safety standards in the aviation industry.

Sicher maintains training programs for IFR and VFR, FRASCA TruFlite H procedures, simulating a Robinson 22, 44 and H 300. This flight training device, or FTD, is certified as a Level 5 FTD with the FAA. Additionally, Sicher owns a BO-105 FTD for helicopters designed exclusively for Sicher, permitting simulation of all instrument flight procedures (IFR) and visual flight procedures (VFR), emergency procedures, communications with ATC, systems failures, various flight approaches, Arcos DME, GPS use, LOFT procedures, CFIT training, and other critical training exercises. Sicher also provides training to third parties through its approved training center, under certificate CCI-066, and is authorized to provide training in instrument flight procedures (IFR) visual flight procedures (VFR) and initial training.

Any Sicher stakeholder may submit a safety-related report to Sicher (report is in Spanish).

Safety Report

Bogotá, CO

Autopista Norte Kilometro 16
Aeropuerto Guaymaral
Bogotá, Colombia

Phone: +57 (317) 659-2715

Barranquilla, CO

Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport
Hangar 012
Barranquilla, Colombia

Phone: +57 (317) 658-0891