Brazil Helicopters

Aeróleo has been an integral part of the oil and gas industry for more than 40 years; providing safe, efficient and reliable helicopter services for its customers in Brazil and surrounding territories. With more than 300,000 flight hours recorded, Aeróleo is recognized as a leader in providing dependable flight services to support a number of international companies operating in the area, including Petrobras, Brazil's national oil and gas company.

Aeróleo is an Era Group company, one of the largest helicopter operators in the world and the longest serving operator in the United States. In addition to offering flight support for onshore and offshore exploration, drilling and production activities, Aeróleo provides air medical services, charter flights and flight support for various seismic operations.

Its pilots, technicians and support personnel place safety first and maintains a Safety Management System (SMS/SGSO), approved by the Brazilian Civil Aviation authority (ANAC), focused on training, evaluating, reporting and monitoring to further enhance safety performance.

In addition to its extensive operations in support of the offshore oil and gas industry, Aeróleo is also certified by Bureau Veritas for ISO 9001. Aeróleo operates under OGP guidelines 590 with a focus on continuous improvement and employs some of the highest safety standards in the aviation industry.



Any Aeroleo stakeholder may submit a safety-related report to Aeroleo (report is in Portuguese):

Safety Report - RELPREV

Rio de Janeiro, BR

Rua do Rosário Nº 173 - 7º andar - Centro
Rio de Janeiro Cep: 20041-005

Phone: +55 (21) 3235-0950

Macaé, BR

Estrada Hideobrando Alves Barbosa, s/n
Aeroporto, Macaé RJ, Cep: 27963-840

Phone: +55 (22) 2796-9350

Cabo Frio, BR

Estrada Velha do Arraial do Cabo, s/n
Praia Sudoeste, Cabo Frio RJ, Cep: 28900-000

Phone: +55 (22) 2647-9500

Jacarepaguá, BR

Avenida Ayrton Senna
2541 Aeroporto De Jacarepaguá
Rua D, Hangar 38
Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
RJ, 22775-002

Phone: +55 (21) 97945-1213