Place safety first, every day

Safety is the number one core value and the highest operational priority at Era.

Era's culture, operations, and reputation are built upon this focus on safety and supported by our leadership. The viability of Era's business depends upon our safety record and maintaining our safety performance.

Era's commitment to safety drives significant investments in our safety management system, personnel training, robust operating processes and new generation helicopters equipped with the latest technology and safety equipment. Era has a world-renowned fleet maintenance program that utilizes "smart" toolboxes for the very best in tool control and operates an industry-leading Health and Usage Monitoring Systems program (HUMS) to detect early stages of component degradation and pre-fatigue. In addition, we invest in other safety equipment that exceeds applicable industry recommendations and standards setting leading practices in the industry. For example, Era was first to obtain approval by the Federal Aviation Administration of its Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) program to routinely obtain and analyze data recorded in flight to better enhance and standardize daily flight operations.

Era's commitment to safety extends across the industry with its leadership role in HeliOffshore Limited. Together with other major offshore operators, Era co-founded HeliOffshore in 2014 with the goal of improving safety in the global offshore helicopter industry through collaboration. Era will continue to compete vigorously in all other aspects of the business, but safety is one area where Era believes stakeholders can work together to share best practices, technological advances and lessons learned to help improve the offshore industry's safety record. HeliOffshore has over 100 members representing all sectors of the offshore industry. Additional information can be found at

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