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Era's History

In 1948, an adventuresome young man named Carl F. Brady brought a Bell 47A helicopter to Alaska, establishing what is now the longest serving helicopter company in the United States.

Originally from Arkansas, Brady learned to fly helicopters in Washington state. He formed a company called Economy Pest Control with two partners, and based the operation in Yakima, Washington. In 1948, as the U.S. Government was preparing to map the territory of Alaska, Brady saw an opportunity for his Bell 47A.


Founder Carl Brady in 1948.

Renaming his company Economy Helicopters, Brady convinced federal surveyors that a helicopter was the ticket for mapping what later became the 49th state. By 1950, Brady's Alaska-based company had moved into the petroleum support business as well, working on geophysical jobs. Economy Helicopters was instrumental in helping launch offshore operations in the Kenai area.

Over the ensuing years, Economy Helicopters continued to grow and thrive in Alaska. By 1958, expanding oil industry operations were creating a need for larger helicopters and Economy Helicopters merged with Rotor Aids, Inc. to help purchase two large Sikorsky S-55 helicopters. The first letters of Economy and Rotor Aids were combined, and the company became ERA Helicopters, Inc., then later known as Era Helicopters, Inc.

Era opened a base at Merrill Field in 1958, the year Alaska became a state, and expanded to Kenai in 1962. In 1964, Brady brought the first turbine-powered helicopter to Alaska - a Bell 204B.

As part of its expansion program, Era agreed to be purchased by Rowan Companies, Inc. (then Rowan Drilling Company), of Houston, Texas, in 1967. This added more capital and enabled Era to further expand its fleet of helicopters. At that time, Brady assumed the role of Executive Vice President and remained President and CEO of Era. By 1970 the company was conducting operations in the Gulf of Mexico, the Middle East and Africa.

Subsequent mergers with Merric, Inc., a Fairbanks helicopter operation, in 1975, and Livingston Copters, Inc., in Juneau, in 1980, added to Era's bases, equipment and management depth. The Gulf of Mexico operations base was established in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in 1978. That same year, after purchasing Jet Alaska, Era established a fixed wing division in Alaska. The fixed wing division expanded in 1980 with the purchase of three 50-passenger Convair 580s for charter/airline service, which joined the company's Twin Otters and a King Air.

In 1988, ERA Helicopters changed its name to Era Aviation, Inc. to reflect the diversified nature of the 40‑year‑old business and celebrated four decades of service in the industry. Era Aviation became Alaska's largest regional airline, one of the top 25 regional airlines in the United States. By providing aviation services to communities such as Kodiak, Valdez, Cordova, Homer and Kenai, as well as Alaska villages, the airline expanded rapidly and established a solid customer base.

In the 65 years since Carl Brady Sr. made the decision to bring his helicopter to Alaska, much has changed in the Alaska aviation industry. Alaska has become a leader in petroleum and natural resource production and Era has played a large role in helping the state fulfill its economic potential.

Era's important role in Alaska and throughout the aviation world was honored by the Alaska Legislature, which introduced a citation marking the company's 50 years in business in 1998. "It is with the utmost respect and regard that the Twentieth Alaska Legislature recognizes the milestones and accomplishments of Era Aviation, Inc., and the contributions the company has made to Alaska aviation," the citation reads.

In 2002, SEACOR Holdings Inc., an owner and operator of marine assets that service the oil and gas industry worldwide, purchased helicopter operator Tex-Air to complement its core businesses. In December 2004, SEACOR purchased Era Aviation from Rowan Companies, Inc. and sold its fixed wing division. The company was rebranded with the name Era Helicopters LLC. A new company logo was developed to incorporate elements from both companies; the Era name with the Tex-Air star. The now familiar red, silver, black and white aircraft paint scheme was updated and introduced to the Era fleet.

Backed by its new parent company´s longstanding belief in the merits of modern equipment and new technology, Era introduced its first AW139 to its fleet in December 2005, continuing a tradition of firsts in the Gulf of Mexico. Subsequently, in February 2008, Era celebrated the addition of the first EC225 in the U.S. to its fleet.

In 2005, Era was called upon by the U.S. Coast Guard in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to assist in fly-over operations in the hurricane battered region. The company assigned 10 medium and small helicopters to fly command personnel over 4,000 scattered oil rigs and 33,000 miles of Gulf pipelines. The assignment included working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and assisting the agency with its oil spill response coordination. The company also repositioned 14 aircraft and their crews into the Gulf for emergency operations.

In January 2007, EraMED LLC was formed to acquire the air medical business of Keystone Helicopter Corporation. Headquartered in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, EraMED provides medical institutions with around-the-clock flight services that include pilots, maintenance, communications support and a diverse fleet of sophisticated twin-engine turbine helicopters.

The Company´s commitment to training and safe operations was underscored by its announcement in August 2007 of a Rapid Response Fund (RRF) Grant from the Louisiana Economic Development (LED) for the purpose of providing a state-of-the-art training facility in proximity to its operations base on the Lake Charles airport property. One year later, Era Training Center celebrated its Grand Opening.

In 2008, Era Helicopters celebrated 60 Years of Flight. The operating companies of Era Group Inc. employ pilots, maintenance technicians and support professionals around the world who are dedicated to carrying forward Era´s commitment to safe operations and the continuation of valuable contributions to the world of flight.

Era Milestones

  • 1948
    First use of commercial helicopter in Alaska.

  • 1956
    First commercial use of Sikorsky S-55 helicopter on a year-round basis in Alaska.

  • 1957
    First use of the Sikorsky S-55 and S-58 for external loads in Alaska.

  • 1964
    First use of turbine powered helicopters (Bell 204-B) in Alaska.

  • 1965
    First use of turbine powered Sikorsky S-62 in Alaska.

  • 1967
    First use of the Bell 206-A turbine powered Jet Rangers in Alaska.

  • 1967
    First use of the Swearingen Merlin IIA, twin-turbine powered, airplane in Alaska.

  • 1968
    First use of turbine powered, 14-passenger, Bell 205-A-1 helicopters in Alaska.

  • 1969
    First commercial use, worldwide, of the Sikorsky S-64E Sky Crane (2O,OOO pound lift capacity).

  • 1970
    First commercial use of the Beechcraft Hawker Siddeley DH-125 twin jet aircraft as supplemental air carrier under FAR 121 in Alaska.

  • 1970's
    The first civil helicopter operator approved for instrument flight in Alaska. AIso the first operator in the USA to be approved for helicopter IFR using Bell 212 helicopters on fixed floats; first helicopter operator in the world to receive FAA approval for radar IFR approach minimums to 200 feet and 1/2 mile.

  • 1971
    First Era helicopter operated internationally supporting offshore drilling east of Niaragua (Bell 204B).

  • 1972
    First Era helicopter flight in Gulf of Mexico.

  • 1978
    Officially opened Era's Gulf Coast Division in Lake Charles, LA on December 15th.

  • 1980
    First use of six-place, Aerospatiale 350 AStar in Alaska.1980: In September of 198O, Era was granted authority to operate the 50-passenger, Convair 580 Twin turboprop aircraft, as a supplemental air carrier under FAR 121.

  • 1981
    First use of Bell 412 (14-passenger) helicopters (four-bladed rotor system) in the world.

  • 1982
    Certified the first Airborne Radar Approach in the Gulf of Mexico on April 8,1982.

  • 1983
    First commercial use of deHavilland DHC-7, Dash 7, airplane (50-passenger, 10,000 pound payload) in Alaska. First year of scheduled airline operations.
  • 1984
    First commercial use of Bell 214 Super Transport (18-passenger) helicopters in Alaska.

  • 1984
    First commercial use of Aerospatiale AS-332C/L helicopters in Alaska.

  • 1985
    First commercial operator of Boeing Vertol 234, 44-passenger, helicopter in Alaska.

  • 1986
    Certified the first civilian external auxiliary helicopter fuel tanks on a Bell 412.

  • 1990
    First commercial use of deHavilland DHC-8-10O, 37-passenger airplane in Alaska.

  • 1991
    Acquired 49% of KLM Helicopters, based at Schipol Airport East, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • 1992
    First western company to operate American commercial helicopters inside the borders of Russia.

  • 1992
    Five Era helicopters participated as part of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Croatia.

  • 1993
    Awarded one-year United Nations contact for peacekeeping force in Croatia and Macedonia with three Bell 212 helicopters and three Bell 206 Longrangers.

  • 1994
    Entered into three year contract for two AS-332L Super Pumas flying offshore support in Peoples Republic of China.

  • 1997
    First Sikorsky S-61 in Gulf of Mexico.

  • 1998
    Sold 49% of KLM/Era helicopters.

  • 1999
    First Eurocopter Super Puma in Gulf of Mexico.

  • 2004
    SEACOR Holdings Inc. (NYSE: “CKH”) purchased Era Aviation from Rowan Companies, Inc.

  • 2005
    Era introduced the first AW139 to its fleet.

  • 2007
    EraMED acquired the air medical business of Keystone Helicopter Corporation and becomes a sister company to Era Helicopters.

  • 2007
    Era received a Rapid Response Fund (RRF) Grant from Louisiana Economic Development and announces plans to open a Training Center in Lake Charles.

  • 2007
    Era announced U.S. Federal Aviation Administration approval of its Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program.

  • 2008
    American Eurocopter delivered the first EC225 in the U.S. to Era.

  • 2008
    Era Training Center celebrates its Grand Opening featuring two new state-of-the-art flight-training devices (AS350B2 and EC135 CPDS P2+), cutting-edge classrooms, custom briefing areas and administrative offices.

  • 2008
    Era Training Center receives first FAA approved CFR part 60 Level 6 Flight Training Device.

  • 2008
    Era Helicopters LLC celebrates 60 Years of Flight.

  • 2009
    Era Training Center LLC Announces FAA Certification of CFR Part 142 Training Center.

  • 2009
    Era Helicopters President Neill Osborne Receives Lawrence D. Bell Memorial Award.

  • 2009
    USAIG and Era Training Center (ETC) announce approval of ETC as "Safety Buck" training facility.

  • 2010
    Era and Priority 1 Air Rescue commence operations of Search and Rescue/Emergency Medical operations from Fourchon, Louisiana base.

  • 2010
    Era Helicopters LLC and Priority 1 Air Rescue Establish Joint Commercial Search and Rescue (SAR) Training Center.

  • 2011
    Era and Priority 1 Air Rescue commence operations of Search and Rescue/Emergency Medical operations from Galveston, Texas base.

  • 2011
    Era Training Center Adds AW139 FAA-certified Level 6 Flight Training Device

  • 2012
    Era Training Center Instructor Capt. Terry G. Cole Receives HAI W.A. (Dub) Blessing Certified Flight Instructor of the Year Award

  • 2013
    Era Group, Inc. begins trading on NYSE as an independent public company, symbol "ERA"

  • 2013
    Era Training Center Vice President/General Manager Randy Rowles Receives HAI W.A. (Dub) Blessing Certified Flight Instructor of the Year Award

  • 2013
    Era Group, Inc. rings the opening bell at the NYSE on April 29, 2013, acknowledging the recent spin-off making Era Group a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

  • 2015
    Era celebrates grand opening of Houma Super Base.

  • 2015
    Era and Priority 1 Air Rescue participate in USCG SAREX 2015 exercise in Alaska.

  • 2015
    Era acquires 75% interest in Sicher Helicopters SAS in Colombia, South America.

  • 2015
    Era takes delivery of its first Sikorsky S-92.

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Houma Super Base Grand Opening

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